Vaping Better than Smoking

Vaping is much better than smoking, some expert says. Smoking has so many harmful effects from it that it is so baffling why people still do smoke even if they are already warned about these things. Smoking is so bad for you because it exposes to harmful smoke that can make you sick with accumulated residue that stays in your lungs.

There was an experiment done on a cotton inside a container, the container represents the body and the cotton inside represent our lungs. One container was exposed to smoke from a cigarette and the other container is exposed to vapors from a vape. With long time exposure, the test shows that the cotton inside the container exposed to the cigarette smoke turned black and sticky. While the cotton inside the container exposed to vape vapors are still white and clean.

This test shows that vaping is clean on the lungs. In the test, the cottons are so white that compared to the cotton exposed to the cigarette smoke. This only shows how vaping appears to be safe.

So, for me it is safe as rolling a fat j bone and smoking it to the head. Lol! So vaping has been my favorite hobby to do. It is safe, I’ll emphasize it again and again.

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