Our Vision

To build a rainbow bridge of empathy and diversity through radical inclusion and continuous learning in order to affect and build diverse, innovative and grassroots solutions for social issues.

We envision ourselves as an organisation that facilitates the breaking down of barriers that impede embracing a diverse society. Our rainbow bridge empathetically connects diverse groups, grassroots movements, activists, NGOs, researchers and other organisations to facilitate continuous learning through education, research and innovation.

Our Mission

  • Empower through radical inclusion
  • Create innovative solutions for research and education
  • Co-produce knowledge & robust research
  • Create grassroots solutions
  • Build community spaces as agents of change

Our Values

Driving and underlying all our activities are values of:

  • Radical inclusion & empowerment
  • Empathy and care across communities
  • Encouraging vulnerability
  • Diverse & collaborative leadership
  • Embracing failure and fostering growth