As well as research consultancy and training, we also offer a range of tailored capacity building services to NGOs and other social organisations. The services we offer fall under three categories: skills development, team building, and professional development. All our capacity building workshops aim to build grassroots changes, i.e. we aim at bringing awareness of and strengthen skills and knowledge within the community through facilitated activities rather than traditional teaching.

Skills-based Training

These trainings aim at building awareness of skills as well as personal differences in order to effectively lead social organisations.

Team Building

Through these workshops, lasting one to three days, members will be facilitated through a process of building common understanding of each other and the wider movement they serve in order to bring people together, to work together more effectively to achieve their aims.

Professional Development

These trainings will be tailored to the specific skills needs of the organisation. Past trainings have included research methods, grant writing skills as well as facilitating a conference for the sharing of skills within different social organisations.