A Story of Becoming

The Rainbow Ride is an art installation that aims to raise awareness of the diversity of human experiences. It is a hot pink electric three-wheeled vehicle that is covered in rainbows. The back is decorated with lights and is comfortable. People can sit in the back and write any story about their lives. So far we have been part of art exhibitions and created our own exhibition outside of two LGBTQ+ events. We have collected many diverse stories over these events, from life advice to open love letters. A film can also be played on it on a white sheet attached to the frame.

The Rainbow Ride can be used in a variety of different ways to build empathy across groups by promoting awareness and understanding of diverse experiences. It is a fun way to involve the community in thinking critically about gender and diversity. It seeks to educate experientially through participation, through engaging with the Rainbow Ride, e.g. by writing their own stories and considering the stories of others.

In the future, we would like to include the following events:

  • Art exhibitions;
  • Pop-up cinemas;
  • Queer Feminist video installation of ‘rainbow warriors’ driving down the street blowing bubbles/water guns at people passing by;
  • A tool for engaging lectures or workshops;
  • Documenting a journey, traveling from one area to another and collecting attitudes and responses to the ride;
  • Building other rainbow rides in different cities/countries to map queer storytelling across a range of different situations;
  • Regular pop-up Rainbow Storytelling for children.