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TransChina: A meeting for trans activists in mainland China
December 2016

As a radical feminist organisation, we are always looking for ways to explore new conversations and topics in the society. Within the growing LGBTQIA+ movement in mainland China, the voices of trans and gender diverse people have been somewhat invisible, if heard at all. We have seen increasing social dialogue around lesbian, gay, and bisexual topics, which are sometimes framed as LGBT issues without making conscious inclusive space for the “T” in LGBT.

TransChina 2016 is an attempt to give an exclusive space for those voices and start a new conversation in the Chinese society on gender diversity issues – be it within or outside the LGBTQIA+ movement. It is also an opportunity to unite the brave voices of trans and gender diverse people throughout China, and create a chance for activists and advocates to share and inspire each other.

Past events!

Introduction to gender & sexuality
17th May 2016

QHumanity was invited to give a talk raising the awareness of issues related to gender inequalities for an LGBTQIA+ student at the Chinese Academy of Art Hangzhou. We were extremely pleased to be invited to engage with new audiences who taught us about how gender is seen in the arts and humanities. During the talk we had lively discussions of what gender means and engaged students from different fields related to arts. Taking place on the day of IDAHOT we spent some time commemorating the negative experiences of homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia across the world, and specifically in China.


In March 2016 Ausma and Trude were approached by AIESEC student group at the University of Nottingham Ningbo to participate in their student conference focused around UN Development goals. AIESEC is an international organisation for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. At the conference QHumanity discussed some of the main issues related to achieving UN Development goal of gender equality and engaged students to carry out community projects to address gender inequalities in their own communities. We delivered a keynote lecture for all 150 participants, followed by smaller seminars where students could shape their own community projects. The keynote discussed the main issues related to gender inequality focusing on unpacking what gender inequality means and how it matters relating it to UN’s development goal of gender inequality. This was followed by two seminars designed to engage students in hands on examples on how to engage with and address gender inequalities.


Queer Bodies

QHumanity delivered a workshop for Diversity, a student group at the University of Nottingham Ningbo on gender and sexual minorities with a particular focus on non-binary, gender fluid theories. During the interactive workshop we explored what gender, sex and sexual orientation means, how it is explained theoretically and the diversity in gender expressions. The workshop focused on the queering of the body, focusing on how gender is performed and expressed with an aim of raising a critical awareness of why we define ourselves and others in the ways we do and how it impacts our behaviour and social interactions.

What, who, and why – an intro to feminism

At this talk QHumanity introduced feminism to a diverse audience representing at Big Bang Café in Ningbo. The audience ranged from university students to professionals working in different sectors in the city. The workshop explored the definitions of feminism, however, its main focus was on getting participants to engage with the concepts of privilege and intersectionality through a range of games and exercises. It was a fun night of discovery and exploration of the ways in which gender matters, discussions of what this means, the negative impacts of gender inequalities and what we can do about it. The workshop introduced the concept of feminist killjoys as agents that can identify problems of discrimination and differential treatment – enabling us all to be change makers and address gender inequalities in society.

Big Society

In January 2016, QHumanity together with Crossroads, a Chinese NGO that aims at raising awareness on the issues faced by marginalised and discriminated groups in China, organised a capacity building conference for activists and advocates in Beijing. During a one day conference we talked about different tools social organisation can use to effectively affect social change. Topics which were discussed included fundraising and philanthropy, film, photography, research, the role of history, art, activism, technology and advocacy as tools in engaging different audiences.

Queer Family Christmas Party at the Beijing LGBT Centre

Members of QHumanity organised an open queer family Christmas party for the LGBTQ+ community in Beijing held at the Beijing LGBT Centre. The event included sharing of Christmas spirit, stories and foods from different parts of the world with an international group of about 50 people as well as games and exchanging of gifts with ‘Queer Santa!’ The event not only provided a great time for the community, but also raised some donations for the Beijing LGBT Centre.