Queer Bodies

QHumanity delivered a workshop for Diversity, a student group at the University of Nottingham Ningbo on gender and sexual minorities with a particular focus on non-binary and gender-fluid narratives. During the interactive workshop we explored what gender, sex, and sexual orientation means, how it is explained theoretically and the diversity in gender expressions. The workshop focused on the queering of the body, focusing on how gender is performed and expressed with an aim of raising a critical awareness of why we define ourselves and others in the ways we do and how it impacts our behaviour and social interactions.

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  1. ” or flagellation of or by a nude person or a person clad in undergarments or in revealing or bizarre costume.” So wearing a tuxedo gets you a pass?
    What is bizarre? So much of the language of this law is left to the imagination . One can imagine a group of Southern legislators sitting at a table trying to word a statute while conveying the impression that they are so far removed from such shenanigans that they cannot even put such concepts into word???..funny .

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